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An online course1) in marketing education is essentially a collection of lessons covering the fundamentals of the field. Each module focuses on a single topic and builds upon previously learned material. Most courses have a predetermined schedule of meetings and allow students to work at their own pace.

At the introductory level, courses can be offered for free or at a nominal cost. More advanced modules may incur costs as the student continues to invest in their education over time and money. Subject matter can be either required or “optional” in a course. Although electives aren't typically mandated, a well-rounded marketing education does necessarily involve a certain number of business studies credits. A marketing education program encompasses the sequence of classes one must take to achieve proficiency in that field.

The goal of these online marketing courses is to increase the pool of qualified marketing freelancers. It's common knowledge that some marketing courses only focus on helping their students market themselves. One negative consequence is that it makes marketers “single-tracked” in their promotional efforts, so they do not study all the facets of impactful affiliate marketing.

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