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Conventions Used In This Wiki

Feeling overwhelmed by the Wiki wilderness? Fear not, intrepid explorer! This section is your map and compass, guiding you through hidden knowledge caves and alerting you to notification notifications (they're friendly, unlike real-life notification notifications). Think of it as your “how to Wiki like a pro” manual, complete with secret decoder rings and invisible ink messages (okay, maybe not those last two, but definitely helpful tips!). So, buckle up, grab your intellectual spelunking gear, and let's navigate the information landscape together!

Lost in the Wiki jungle? Don't fret, explorer! Your knowledge compass (sidebar) awaits! Pointing to wisdom waterfalls and secret info valleys, it adapts to your journey. Desktop Everest? It's your map. Mobile foothills? A mountaintop beacon! Navigate like a pro, conquer the Wiki!

On Mobile Devices, depending on the screen size, the sidebar may be near the top of the screen.

Typographical Conventions

The following typographical conventions are use in this wiki:

Broken UnderlineAny word or phrase that has a broken underline in any color indicates that a new article is in development. This gives you the best reason to come back and check out new content when it drops.

Site Icons

Help ⇒ These paragraphs inform you about getting help and/or assistance about the page topic.

Info ⇒ These paragraphs contain related information about the page topic.

ToDo ⇒ These paragraphs instruct you to add information to your personal todo list and/or take action regarding the page topic.

Tip ⇒ These paragraphs suggest a tip relating to the page topic.

Important ⇒ These paragraphs contain important information regarding the page topic.

Alert ⇒ These paragraphs indicates a warning or strong caution relating to the page topic.

Download ⇒ These paragraphs provide instructions on downloading text and/or a file regarding the page topic.

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