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Zero-Sum Game

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What is Zero-Sum Game?

A zero-sum game is a contest or circumstance in which one person's success is always accompanied by another's failure. To rephrase, if one person gains something, another person must lose something of equal value.

Gambling and negotiating are both examples of “zero-sum games,” in which one party's gain in terms of concessions or resources must be balanced by the loss of the same to the other party.

In a zero-sum game, the sum of all participants' gains and losses is always zero, regardless of what happens. In contrast, in a non-zero-sum game, the sum of all possible outcomes is not predetermined and some players can win even if others lose, and vice versa.

It's crucial to keep in mind that many situations in the real world are not necessarily zero-sum games, as there may be other elements involved. However, there are types of interactions and decision-making processes that benefit from being analyzed and understood through the lens of a zero-sum game.

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